The Supermarket

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You were crying in the bathroom about a man you were seeing with your friends. I couldn’t help but listen. You were listing off all the amazing qualities he had and all the reasons you didn’t want to lose him. Making excuses for his actions and blaming yourself. What you neglected to list off were all of YOUR amazing qualities you portray and all that you do for him. We’re so quick to blame ourselves when in reality it may be of equal parts or completely one sided. We think we’re the problem and we don’t want to lose that person but take a step back and look at the situation objectively.
I spoke up. I had to. 

I’m sorry to interrupt but I just wanted to say you’re absolutely beautiful and stop wasting your time with this guy you’re upset about. I know you think he’s wonderful and you’re making points as to why he does the things he does but what about all that you do? Realize that HE is not the sun. You are. Your life doesn’t revolve around him it revolves around you. Worry about you and the rest will fall into place. This man is not worth your energy and especially not your tears. If he doesn’t appreciate you like your friends are saying, fuck him. He doesn’t deserve you. 

I don’t know who these girls were and I never did learn their names but that’s okay. We continued to share kind words with each other and dispersed after a hug. There’s this strange sort of comfort to be found in the women’s washroom of a club. We act like it’s a huge competition but once you enter that washroom we’re all the same. We’re all there for each other. Because if we can’t be there for each other – who will?


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