To the top we go

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The people I admire most are the ones that aren’t afraid to share their dreams and goals. People who chase the world and know they’re capable enough to do it.

I’m 26 and I’ve spent a lot of time in interviews for corporate jobs. Their favourite question was, without a doubt, always:

‘Why are you looking to the change the direction of your career?’

Maybe this should have been more difficult for me to answer- but it always felt plain as day. I didn’t like my career. I was thrown half-hazardly into finance and risk assessment. And while it’s worked out the last few years and provided challenges and problems I enjoy solving- it has never been what drives me.

Rather- it will never drive me.

A lot of days, I feel like I’m back in high school and doing the bare minimum amount of work to pass a class I couldn’t care less for.

But I can’t say that. I tell them my original role of risk assessment and management, penalizing accounts for infractions- wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. I wanted to help instead of reprimand. Little people, underdogs. People who are shut down by others and have to pick themselves back up every time. Dealing with every hardship but understand you will always come out the other side a stronger person and keep pushing forward. People who- once they realize that potential strength inside them and find others with the same strength- the possibilities are endless.

I genuinely want you to know- that while you are staring at computer screen, planning your next holiday or figuring out how to split up the three weeks vacation your boss let you have- I need you to remember this: there are no ceilings. I repeat, there ARE NO CEILINGS to what you can do.

We’ve been having work done on our house, and I had a chance to speak with one of the contracted workers. I’m so happy I did. He spoke about his goals and his dreams. He told me about how hard he has to hustle, because he knows it will get him to where he wants to go. He was an underdog. He knew struggle- real struggle. And from that he’s learned there is nothing he can’t overcome.

Platitude as it might be, there’s truth in the phrase: success comes from failure. For those at your desk with the déjà vu mug, contemplating those dreams and those goals you tried to achieve- wondering how long this is supposed to take- it’s normal. It’s normal to struggle and hit walls. It is so normal and it is okay to be frustrated. Your patience, emotions and strength will be tested and you’re gonna fall so hard you’re gonna wonder whether it’s worth getting back up again. It’s okay. Please, face your mountain of a goal. Face it head on and take that grueling hike. You are going to want to give up but keep pushing. The view at the top– it’s a height most people will never reach.

It starts with a plan. Remember, nobody shows up to the Himalayas to climb Everest without one.


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