Don’t succumb to the flames

I have a tendency to fall in love with every person that’s willing to show me their soul. It’s so rare. We tend to dance around the surface of friendships and I’ll be honest I want nothing to fuckin do with it. That’s not who I am. When I care for a friend I care about everything. I’m there for them. I’ll listen, I’ll encourage – I’m a great outlet. Your highs, your lows and everything in between – I will be around for it all if you let me.

I see potential in people. My friends and I think the main reason we’re friends is because we constantly say “I fucking hate people”. I was thinking about this the other day and you know what? I don’t actually hate people. I love people. What I hate is how shitty they can be. We dance around the surface because of past relationships, hardships etc.. We’re guarded because we try to protect ourselves from ever feeling that way again but that’s no way to live.

You cannot live life constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I realize this is much easier said than done but once you realize that life is all about the ups and downs and how these are the things that make you grow you’ll live a more fruitful life. Our biggest problem is that we think we shouldn’t have any.

I like to think of life-like being caught in a blazing fire. You wake up and the house is burning what are you doing? Do you give up? No. Your natural instinct to fight for your life kicks in. Maybe right now you’re fighting your way out of a blazing fire and you’re not sure you’re going to get out alive but you know what? You have to keep fighting.

Don’t let the fire win. Don’t succumb to the flames.

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