Moment of clarity

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Once upon a time, I was in an interview and was asked
“What are two television shows you’re not willing to miss and why do you enjoy them?”

Immediately, I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding. How is this possibly relevant?”

I sat there and thought about it. I mean really thought about it. It was such a left turn I had no idea what to say. After a few seconds (that felt more like hours) I said something that surprised not only this person but myself included.

I started off telling them about Scandal. It’s because the main character is a fixer of sorts. No matter the state of her life she takes time to help others and solve their problems. Olivia Pope is a strong, independent power house trying to do better. White hat and all. I find that admirable. She is goal oriented and plows through obstacles with determination. Never afraid to go after what she wants, and not stopping until she gets it.

There’s something to say about the Strong Woman. While I’m impressed by the strength and determination of people- I am most impressed by a successful woman. What people neglect to realize is how often a Strong Woman gets shut down by others. How many moments there are she is not taken seriously. Because she’s a woman. And having an opinion different from her counterpart can almost guarantee her being gas-lit. She has to work ten times harder to get to where to be.

Next, I talked about Mad About You. This show make me giggle like a mf, but the more I watched the more I realized I really relate to Helen Hunts character. If you remember, she’s struggling in the beginning. She left her job and isn’t quite sure what she’s going to do now. She wants to do more. Be part of something meaningful, to help in ways that drives her. And that’s where I’m at, so I relate. We can all relate to that idea. Unsure of the path we want to take but fairly confident of the one we don’t want to follow.

This question threw me off and annoyed the hell out of me, at first. But this question not only gave my employer insight, having to explain my choices and what drew me to them gave me insight as well. What I want and don’t want in this life.

Call it a Moment of Clarity. ‘I don’t want this. This is not my answer.’ I’m still searching for my answer but I knew it wasn’t in that interview. And it wasn’t in the job they proceeded to offer.


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