About Me

About me.. That’s tough. Talking about myself has never been my strong point but lets give it a go.

At the beginning of October 2015 my world was crashing down. There were a lot of uncertainties in my life and things happening that were simply out of my control and I needed something I could be in control of. Now at the time I was just over 200lbs so my weight seemed like the best place to start.

I started off with Nutrisystem for a nice little kick-start (it really helped with my motivation). Once I completed two months of Nutrisystem I started to incorporate working out at the gym and of course cooking my own meals.

Now fast forward a year and I’m down 70lbs, multiple friendships and even a job.But I was happy.

A lot of people wonder how and the answer is quite simple: Because I chose to be. 2016 was hands down the most grueling year of my life. They’re not kidding when they say there is such thing as a quarter life crisis. But guess what? I survived and I learned a lot about myself on the way. I won’t lie there were plenty of setbacks and more than a dozen times where I wondered why I was still trying -especially when the progression seemed at a standstill. It takes time. It takes time, emotional strength, physical strength and everything in between.

It’s hard but I’m here to tell you it’s worth it.


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