OOTD – Saturdaze 

How is it you have me craving a cigarette when I don't even smoke? 


841 km

If you've ever been to France I think you can agree that it always feels like home. I get the most amazing welcome and loving embrace upon arrival. I've been to France on two different occasions. Each time I visit I get this sense of relief when I'm there that I can't really explain.You know [...]

Deal with it

Deal with it

Friendships, relationships, life experiences, trials and tribulations. What's the point behind them? Why do they have to be so fucking hard? I used to ask myself this constantly. We wonder what we did to deserve X Y and Z when really we need to change how we reflect on situations as a whole. I ask you to consider the [...]

The opressor

The opressor

As we sat at my dining room table I watched silently while the sadness and frustration took over his mind. I stared into his big brown eyes and saw a broken man who just wanted to be treated as an equal. That day my heart sank to depths I’ll never be able to explain. Not only was [...]

Brooklyn, NY

I had a friend going through some really hard times in his life a couple months ago and they said the most devastating thing to me: I just want someone to care. I'm not trying to be selfish I know my parents care about all of this stuff but that's natural they're my parents. I [...]

Have you ever?

I wonder, have you ever crossed the street because of a male approaching you? I wonder, have you ever put a hat and sunglasses on in hopes of less cat calling. I wonder, have you ever had a man ask you out then verbally assault you when you say no thank you. I wonder, have [...]