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Happiness is all you see

Down down the hole I go where I am nobody knows.  Am I ignoring you or at an all time low?

Up up smiling again trudging through the week ahead. Happiness is all you see but know it’s pain inside of me.

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Deal with it

Friendships, relationships, life experiences, trials and tribulations. What’s the point behind them? Why do they have to be so fucking hard? I used to ask myself this constantly. We wonder what we did to deserve X Y and Z when really we need to change how we reflect on situations as a whole.

I ask you to consider the following when reflecting on any trials and tribulations in life. Were you GENUINELY happy or were you settling? Did you become comfortable and complacent or do you rise and fall for these driving forces? Gotcha. You’re sitting there thinking, aw fuck.. She’s right. How do I know this? Because I too wasn’t happy. I was living a life on autopilot. I accepted the life that I found to be comfortable. Easy. No problems. Only there were problems. I just didn’t think they were as important as they really are. You see if we don’t deal with problems head on they will, overtime, manifest themselves and creep up in areas of your life and slowly chip pieces of you away.