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Where do we go from here? Sure could use a pick me up but I’ll just drink a beer. You lift me up, put me down I held you high couldn’t touch the ground. Once was lost but now I’m found. What do you want from me? I knew you’d come back, I got the

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Which side are you on?

I’m scared. Scared of the world we live in and the current climate with respect to sexual violence against women. This past year has impacted survivors in ways I’ll never be able to convey. We are proud of ourselves for speaking up, for taking our voices back. Proud to know that because of women like

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I’m not disappointed. I’m angry.

Because you told me I could depend on you. Because you told me you would be here for me. Because I told you I didn’t want your charity. Because I told you I just want your honesty. Because I still accepted you into my home. Because I made plans with you. Because I told you

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