OOTD – black on floral

OOTD – work edition

Forever debating chopping all my hair off and shaving my head. Until then it’s up in a hair clip for my indecisive ass.

Under the microscope

Today my weight was attacked by a man who must have been in his 50’s. Yes, you read that right. In his 50’s. My father’s age.  So bear with me for a minute.

Fat is a word that used to feel like a blow to the chest. It is a word that I’d pretend wouldn’t bother me, but overtime caused more psychological damage than  even I realized. It is a word that holds such power and can be so crippling and we throw it around like its nothing.

 Fact: We live in a world where women are constantly under the microscope for everything they do.

From the way we look to the way we carry ourselves. We also live in a world that tells you if you if you don’t fall into the social standards that you’re simply not good enough. You deserve less. This is the ideal woman and until you fit this criteria you must be striving to obtain it. Wrong.

Yes, I am fat. I am also smart, loving, kindhearted, strong, healthy and let’s not forget fucking hilarious. My weight holds no bearing on who I am as a person. It does not mean I deserve less, it does not mean I should accept whatever attention comes my way and it does not give you the right to throw it in my face like I should be ashamed.

I know this. But you know what? There are men, women and most importantly children that don’t. That think they’re not good enough simply because of the negative connotation attached to this word. Stop attacking people for their size. Whether it be a knee-jerk reaction to being pissed off or intentionally attacking someone it’s unacceptable. While you walk away unscathed the person you’ve insulted walks away carrying that with them.

This man knew damn well the power behind this word especially with women. He, like many others, went to it in a moment of weakness. Why? Because he believes that’s all that matters about a woman. It’s not. It never has, and it never should be.

Always remember your friends are meant to lift you up, not put you down.